Water Pin

19 11 2010

It’s at the Iceberg!


Water Hunt

16 11 2010

1. Stadium

2. Coffee Shop

3. Pet Shop

4. Cove

5. Book Room

6. Dance Lounge

7. Beach

8. Dojo Courtyard

Once you’ve got all the water items, you’ll get a free background if you click on “Claim Prize”.

There’s also a free item at the snow forts.

Water Tap Pin & Clothing Catalog Hidden Items

6 11 2010

Halloween Party 2010 Cheats

29 10 2010

All right. So first you wanna get the free item at the plaza.

Then you can start the scavenger hunt. It’s quite easy. Just go to the rooms listed below.

1. Beach

2. Snow Forts

3. Iceberg

4. Gift Shop

5. Pizza Parlour

6. Ski Lodge (in the mirror)

7. Plaza

8. Beacon

Once you’ve done that, you can now claim the prize. It’s a background.

And there’s two new stamps.

Until then… Waddle On!



5th Anniversary Party of Club Penguin

24 10 2010

The party is only for one day, so yu better hurry if you want a free hat (it’s not coming again, so today’s your only chance to get it).

First go to the coffee shop and the picture below explains the rest.

Until then… Waddle On!

Sorry guys!

24 10 2010

Hey CPZ Viewers. I’m sorry I didn’t post for such a long time. Today I was checking the statistics and I noticed that over a hundred people come on the website EVERYDAY. So I thought that a lot of people must be interested in CP. I’ll do my best to start posting again. Hope I don’t forget…


Once again… I’m really sorry.

Just wondering!

22 10 2010

Hey peoples! Long time no see!
Well. I havn’t posted in a while and I was just wondering if any of you wanted CPZ back? I cant make any promises until i talk to kidik about it but… If you guys really want i can try sort something out ;D
Anyway. Please vote on the poll  and me and kidik will talk about it. 🙂
Thanks guys!
Until then….Waddle On!